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A Hare In the Long Grass - Was it Grasslands or Savanna?

Coming to live in the plains I went into grief for the lack of bush - the bush, even small plots of bush have been my recourse for getting out into the sanity and consolation of nature since I was a small child.  But was it always grasslands? Or savanna woodland, a grassy park-like landscape, of wildflowers and Australian grasses, under copses and between belts of trees, widely spaced trees. The remnant trees are red-gums, grey box, black wattles, blackwood and bursaria, and, what the first comers called honeysuckle trees - banksia marginata, or silver banksia, which grew it sizable trees with a good cover of foliage in savanna country, unlike its other form in the bush of the ranges where it is leggy, scrubby or stunted. And I have become more aware of hares predominating the vast grasslands, rather than rabbits, which prefer  to be close to cover; rock piles, bracken, hedges or scrub. But hares live unhidden except by grass under the open heavens. -  more to come